More than 10,000 customers in the US

Engineered Design IPX7 using aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and titanium bezel components, making it waterproof, dust, and shock-resistant!

It's a lifesaver!

Imagine yourself stuck in the woods at night without any way of communication, when mobile phone signals are unavailable... Pointing with your  to the sky could save your life!


One-handed design, compact for easy control while keeping the power and resistance for different environments and storage spaces.

Engineered to be rechargeable

It uses two 5V lithium batteries (included) that provide enough power to reach long distances and keep the brightness for a long period of time. It has been engineered to be rechargeable, and our exclusive super-charger (sold separately) makes it easier and faster to charge, plus safer for a longer useful life.

Hybrid Laser - Alpha Strong

"I'd been hunting for something like this, that was powerful enough to be used as a lightsaber for a long time, and now that I have the SPEARLASER™, I can aim for kilometers and do a lot of things with it. It's spectacular and overpowering, and it's the first item I bring in my backpack when I go camping."

Jeffrey Hicks

Hybrid Laser - Alpha Strong

"The range of this is astounding; every time I go hunting, I can mark the trees to mark my path; merely my buddies observed the power and asked where I got it."

Tom Carter

Hybrid Laser - Alpha Strong

"I've tried a lot of similarly claimed powerful products, and they're all little and powerless. I was blown away when I was able to test the SPEARLASER™ on a piece of wood, and it was marked."

Marc Bryce